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Too Late to change Your Mind

A Blog with CP in restraints and fantasies

About Me


CLICK ON ENTRY TITLE FOR LARGER PICS. A Blog featuring consenting adults who find themesleves in positions where it is 'Too Late To Change Your Mind'. If you allow yourself to get into such a position then what can you expect ? and oh how some of us would like this !! No Minors and if offended let me know and it will be deleted.

Recent Entries


wanking and spanking
09:18, 2011-Sep-19

The whole idea is extremely arousing !  The pain makes you want to wank, and you know you have to stop to get that next fix of pain... how long can it go on for ?
I know from experience ... fifty plus !!

Dominant Couples
12:39, 2011-Jul-28

Something kinky about submitting to a Master and Mistress..knowing that both will whip you and both , especially the Master, would expect oral servitude.  It's not just this scene that excites, but headmaster and wife... Mistress and Slave... Any couple where there is the enhancemnet of an extra pair of eyes.. and two people that will enjoy your predicaments

Headmistress 2
12:34, 2011-Jul-28

There's something incredibly erotic about the thought of standing naked in front of a much much older woman... Someone you think is past the age where these things excite but you are so so wrong !!  Screaming for mercy to a woman who has seen it all before... and knows exactly how to cane a bare bottom for maximum effect...

Mother In Law
12:17, 2011-Jul-28

A fascination for the more mature Female... and one that enjoys inflicting pain.. Totally unrealistic in it's reality check, but a strong fantasy. The thought of being whipped around teh room by a 'mature' Mistress, for her pleasure and then having to humiliatingly perform ... pure heaven yet again ! The pic would be enhanced if indeed there were no panties ...

On Camera !!
10:22, 2011-Jul-28

Poor quality so apologies but what a fantastic situation !! naked and getting a sound caning !! Lovely enough but why would I want to be in her place ?? Well it would appear that she is getting caned in front of a small audience who can enjoy the spectacle of both the cane splatting across her juddering fat arse cheeks but also can watch her face contorting and screaming with the pain !  The wonders of technology !!
There is something increedibly thrilling about knowing that you are to be punished for someone else to enjoy and even masturbate at !!  The humiliation of how you react, how you beg, how you scream, how you might wet yourself ,  break wind !!

In the cellar..
10:15, 2011-Jul-28

A lovely drawing... I know from experience the hard stinging bite of a whip .. finding it much harder than you expected.. and sensing that the whipper is waiting for you to break !!
Stroke after stroke hitting home hard and true...  you begin to utter grunts and cries.. She knows then it is only a matter of time.. and so do you.. until eventually you are squirming and writhing in desperation... and your cries are now agonised screams.... until finally you can't take any more.... Please Stop.. Mercy Mistress !!!  But will she stop ??  maybe this is where she gets her real pleasure, and just carries on ???  

10:09, 2011-Jul-28

Such a wonderful thought... The lady doing the birching has a very large birch.. long heavy twigs... and it is just a dream to think about the effect of the twigs on a big fat arse like this ..
Yes it gives me an erection, but I really want to take her place..  the cool air of the barn.. naked.. and then be thoroughly birched front of them all ... and hope they would laugh at my idiotic screams and jerks..WOW!!

Headmistress is ready!
09:48, 2011-Jul-28

Why is this so stimulating ??  It conjures up all sorts of fantastic fantasy situations ...the headmistress punishing a naughty sixth former in her private punishment room ?
or going to give a demonstration of severe discipline to an inquistive admirer ?
It's the idea that she is dressing sexily for the benefit of the victim.. and yet the main event is going to be a good caning for her pleasure... and somehow you just know that there will be lots of erections, wanking, teasing, etc.. and even oral duties ... How I would love to be standing in front of her , naked, ready for her discipline !!  The older woman , enjoying sadistic fun is an absolute turn-on!

Leather Strap !
09:39, 2011-Jul-28

The phrase 'make your fantasies enforced Reality' sends a thrill down the spine !!
It is thrilling to think you are gettinga prison strapping on a genuine birching table... and you probably wanked over and over thinking about it .. but the reality is that it bloody hurts !!
Yet I still want it BAD!!

Forced O-levels
09:35, 2011-Jul-28

the thought is quite disgusting in context, but Oh how wonderful to find yourself in such a predicament !! Control taken out of your hands, and pain will make you do the disgusting act..

Whipped till you CUM!
09:29, 2011-Jul-28

Is it possible ?   can a man be made to cum just by whipping him ?  I think we would all like to find out ... All I know that being extremely erect, a shot of intense pain can make semen come out of your cock !!  More a pre-cum spurt than an orgasm...  any Mistreses out there that want to have a go?

Forced O-levels
09:22, 2011-Jul-28

An amazing thought... and an amazing device... Often wondered about this but always too scared to ask... but the idea of someone making it happen is extremely arousing! 

Are you brave enough ? My Fave !
09:21, 2011-Jul-28

So simple and so easy to do.. Yet I just don't seem brave enough !! But oh how I want to !!
It seems almost the ultimate for me.. inescapable.. too late etc.. increasing torment... and a final punishment !!  Who can do this for me I wonder ?

Heaven or Hell ?
09:19, 2011-Jul-28

Well is it Heaven ??or is it Hell ?  Would certainly like to find out one day.. I think it would be a mix of both ..a sonce cum, then the sexual element disappears . but how humiliating !!

Rubber Mistress
09:18, 2011-Jul-28

To be thrashed by a figure like this is just so stimulating ... It is so sinister , as this could be anyone , even someone you know !!  It gives an air of sadism, no mercy, anonymity... very severe and dangerous .. but Oh how I would love to meet this lady !!

Just How NAUGHTY are YOU?
09:17, 2011-Jul-28

I love the idea of taking what is on the surface an innocent situation but then it develops into something completely kinky and sensual. A token caning in front of the class, fully clothed...but gets transformed to a sadistic thrashing with sexual overtones... Oh Yes Please Miss!!!

Ready for the whip!
09:11, 2011-Jul-28

You pay your money after blurting out your fantasies and then you find yourself like this... you should be enjoying yourself rather than worrying !!  But it IS too late !!

On the Bench!
09:08, 2011-Jul-28

How must this feel ?? Having your large fat rump whipped hard and in front of so many people.. Your urge not to shout out instantly disappears as the whip hits home, hard and true.. and with no way to make it stop !!  Beautiful!!
You can just imagine the way that plump arse will twist and turn, quiver and wobble !!

Judicial 1
09:05, 2011-Jul-28

I love the idea of inescapable punishments.. once agreed no going back !  And to ensure this of course one must be completely restarined to some apparatus.. and of course gagged if you shout too much !!  And the idea of having more than one person to watch your ultimate pain and humiliation is just so exciting!

08:43, 2011-May-6

A simple stock box in action. Hard on the ankles but this one has a central post for added support, so much safer.

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